Travel Goals Update

Blessed to have traveled to a bunch of cool places in the past few years. Now thoughtfully planning my next trip with very limited resources…

So far, I’ve been blessed to have visited Italy (Rome, Florence,) Spain (Madrid, Barcelona,) and France (Paris.)

Also blessed to have visited Peru (Machu Picchu and the Amazon,) as well as Australia (Melbourne) and New Zealand (Auckland.)

In Asia, I was able to visit China (Beijing,) Japan (Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto,) Okinawa, Thailand (Bangkok and Mae Sot,) and the Philippines (Makati.)

Now I am prioritizing my travel bucket list. My remaining travel goals include Marrakesh, Istanbul, Vietnam, and Hong Kong. Amazing destinations! But now I am starting to consider places that have a deeper personal connection.

I am considering Hiroshima, Japan for my next trip. My dad’s side is Okinawa. My mom’s side is Hiroshima. Never been…

Hopefully, things will fall into place. Looking forward to the next adventure…

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