My Funny Valentine

Every year I get a Valentine’s gift for that special someone. Unfortunately, that special someone has always been me. Or perhaps fortunately…?

One year it was luggage (travel.) Another year it was golf clubs. And another year it was a longboard skateboard. Last year it was a regift. It’s become an annual tradition.

This year it’s a tea kettle. Yup, yup!

Blessed to have received an Amazon Gift Card from TED-Ed for collaborating on a TED-Ed lesson on Polynesian Wayfinding.

Let me tell you that it wasn’t so easy to spend this “free money.” I learned that I have pretty much everything that I need. It would be wasteful to upgrade on something that I already have (that isn’t “broke.”)

I decided on a tea kettle. I could use it for Yamamotoyama Green Tea or a Cup O’ Noodles. Maybe even some Starbucks VIA. And it also makes me look competent in the kitchen.

Chee! Can’t wait to see what I get (for that special someone) next year…

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