Think Sesh

Occasionally, I will have a thinking session. I’ll either visit a neighborhood café or just stay home and make coffee. I just try to intentionally think up stuff. And write. I find that writing things down is like having a conversation with your thoughts and ideas.

Oftentimes it’s goal setting. I use categories: life goals, school goals, ministry goals, and travel goals. I also like to keep score of accomplished goals to be able to reflect and be grateful.

Sometimes I’ll write down a bible verse and journal about it. It tends to stick (Psalm 119:11.) In terms of creativity, I’ll draw or even dabble in some songwriting. But these “moments of inspiration” usually come up randomly and don’t come up during these think sessions.

I do create a lot of lists. Things I need to remember. Shopping lists, packing lists, music playlists, important names, etc. I’ve even written down some of my all-time fave jokes.

But I would say, most importantly, this gives me a time to pause and recalibrate. “You are the hero of your own story.” – – Joseph Campbell

And I’m not done writing mine…

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