Ramen Dreams

I love ramen. So much so, that I’ve sampled nearly every ramen shop on the island. I created my Top 10 List two years ago, and it has remained unchanged even with the recent influx. Ramen is simply a magical bowl of goodness.

My favorite shop is still Menya le Nood (formerly called Menya Musashi) on Pensacola Street. Lucky for me, it’s within walking distance. I always have the Tonkotsu Ramen (pictured above) with an ajitama add-on. The broth is deep and savory. The noodles firm and chewy. The chashu tender and flavorful. めっちゃ うまい!

My Saturday routine (if I’m not headed to Chinatown) is to lunch at Menya le Nood. Parking is kinda bad. But it is not unreasonable to park at Ala Mona Center and walk over. It is totally worth it. Ask for their stamp card. Look for me when the shop opens at 11am.

Happy slurping! Always dreaming of ramen…