New Bedding

Preface: Every year I get a Valentine’s gift for that special someone. Unfortunately, that “special someone” has always been me. Or perhaps fortunately..? One year it was luggage (travel.) Another year it was golf clubs. Another year it was a longboard skateboard. And last year it was a Filson briefcase. It’s become an annual tradition.

This year I got myself new bedding. I’ve had the same blue bedding for 10 years, so it was about time. Macy’s had a one-day sale, so I took advantage. Got myself a Ralph Lauren comforter and sheet set. Never had quality sheets before. What a difference!

Hope your V-day was a good one. Can’t wait to see what I get (for that special someone) next year…

Postscript: If you notice, the comforter came wrinkled out of the packaging. I borrowed a steamer from a friend at work. My instructions were to “not make contact with the steamer” and “not tilt the steamer.” (Very good advice I later discovered…) Well, it was a huge disaster to say the least. There was water everywhere! Water was spraying out, spilling out, saliva was flying out via F-bombs, and tears were rolling down my cheeks. 😂 It was the “Bellagio” in my bedroom.