Insanely Great….

Steve Jobs is being compared to Thomas Edison and Albert Einstein. I think more. Edison was a great inventor. Einstein was the father of modern physics. Jobs changed the world. He changed the way we communicate. He revolutionized design. And we now “think different.” That’s insanely great….

Isn’t She Lovely?

Mahalo to Princess Pauahi. Here is my newly issued laptop from Kamehameha. I’ve had the same laptop for over 6 years, so I guess it was about time. Hope it will bless my students & teachers. I will steward it well….

Got iPhone?

Got mine today! Finally! The all-new, all-cool, iPhone3G!!! It is often imitated, but never duplicated (except in China.) By the way, 3G stands for 3rd Generation mobile technology, and not 3 gigabytes. (The iPhone comes in 8GB & 16GB.) Now I have my phone, camera, iPod, and computer built into one tiny little device.

I picked it up this morning at the AT&T store in the Kam Shopping Center. Now I need to pay my $175 penalty to Verizon for breaking my 2-year contract. But you know what? It is definitely worth it. I may even give Verizon $180 just to show them how happy I am.

In fact, I’ve never met an iPhone owner who wasn’t absolutely happy with it. I can now add myself to that list. The iPhone is simply amazing….