Machu Picchu Bound….

It’s official! I’ll be going to Peru in the spring of 2016! Cheehoo! This is a dream-come-true and a bucket list item. I’ll be going as a chaperone for our high school’s EF Tour. (Here’s a link to the website that I set up for the students & parents.)

And here I am after receiving confirmation. #blessed

After hearing about the trip, I scheduled an appointment with my financial advisor to see if I could somehow afford this. It was my original intention to pay as a tour participant. After learning that this was not happening, I accepted the situation. It just wasn’t meant to be. (Not willing to sacrifice supporting ministries or missions.)

Weeks later, I learned from the lead teacher that I would be able to go for free as a chaperone if 4 more students signed up for the trip. That was highly improbable, but “nothing’s impossible.” In just one week, 5 more signed up. I believe that this was indeed a blessing from God.

At today’s Peru trip meeting, I was reunited with some of my former middle school students. They were excited to hear the announcement. And I was incredibly thankful.
Muchas gracias….

Going Solo (YOLO)

Je vais à Paris, ce printemps! Decided to do something spontaneous, and booked a trip to Paris for this Spring Break. Found a great deal on Expedia. Gonna go with just one carry-on and get lost in Paris for four days.

Will be staying at the Hotel du Dragon in the 6th arrondissement, Left Bank. The only three items on my agenda are the Louvre, the Eiffel, and Notre-Dame. The rest of the time will be spent at sidewalk cafés and strolling along the River Seine.

Looking forward to it! Mangez bien, riez souvent, aimez beaucoup….

No More New Year’s Resolutions….

….for me. Gonna go with bucket lists from now on. After reposting the same New Year’s Resolution from 2008-2012 without success,  I went with a bucket list in 2013.

Preface: At 12:05am on January 1st, 2013, I was lying face down in a cul-de-sac in Mililani Mauka after a fireworks accident (don’t ask.) I was thinking, sheesh, can 2013 be over with? Unlikely as it seemed then, I was blessed to meetup with my Compassion sponsored child in the Philippines and walk across the Great Wall of China by year’s end. All things are possible.

Here is my updated bucket list.

Resolutions are really great too. They help us set goals and be better. But I prefer bucket lists. Mine helps me to live life to the fullest. Wishing you an amazing 2014! Hau`oli Makahiki Hou & God Bless.



After updating my bucket list in the previous post, I began to re-examine some of my accomplishments, successes, and blessings. Surely (not calling you “Shirley”) this must also be list-worthy…

1. I really did graduate from college. Go Bows!

2. Born again. Thank you Lord.

3. Became an educator in the DOE.

4. Performed at Monterey Bay Canners.

5. Learned to surf.

6. Currently at the Kamehameha Schools. Imua.

7. Went on a missions trip to Okinawa.

8. Became a child sponsor through Compassion International.

9. Volunteered as a mentor with Big Brothers Big Sisters.

10. Visited Japan, Australia, Italy, and Spain.