“Aloha! Served Daily”

These guys are the bomb. Fitted Hawai’i is a local company that is leveraging new media and doing everything right. They have successfully created a “culture” surrounding their product. Employing social media and limiting production, they have created an excitement and a “buzz” for their brand.

Every blogger, poet, & priest recognizes the power of storytelling. Fitted Hawai’i manufactures a story behind every New Era cap and t-shirt design. From Duke Kahanamoku to Frank Fasi to a favorite brand of whiskey,  there is a tale to be told. They even masterminded the “Aloha for Japan” campaign.

Fitted has also asked the right questions. “Wouldn’t it be cool if Eminem, Vans, and the NFL endorsed our brand?” Yup. They have seamlessly incorporated pics, music, and videos into their blog to promote their image. Too good.

Here’s my takeaway. Be passionate and innovate. Most of all, find your inspiration and tell a great story….