In the Bag….

Yes, I carry a briefcase to work. It kinda makes me feel smart. (And I need all the help I can get….) It’s a T. Anthony double-gusset flap briefcase. In it, I carry a Kamehameha Schools fake-leather folio, a Montblanc Starwalker pen, a Burberry compact umbrella, my glasses, an iPhone charger, a bunch of business cards, and sugarfree gum. What’s in your bag?

What the….

No, I was not abducted by aliens. No, this is not a new method of catching opihis. Nor am I dressed up as Darth Vader for a Star Wars convention. This is me getting highlights at Regis in Pearlridge. I showed this picture to my friend Jen who did this to me. She thought it was the funniest thing…. She had everyone in the shop checking out my iPhone and this goofy picture.

A Typical, Atypical Day….

As an Instructional Technology Specialist at KS, I service teachers & students. So what on earth do I do in the summer? Hmm…. good question! Ha, ha. Well, let me start by saying that I am blessed to have one of the best jobs around. I work at a great school with great people & awesome kids. I also belong to a wonderful team whom I consider “family.” Another enjoyable aspect of my job is the wide variety of activities and experiences that I encounter each day. A typical day is pretty much…. atypical. Here was my schedule today:

5:00 Rise & shine. (I wake up at 4:30 during the school year.)
5:30 Done showering. Start devotions.
6:00 Read email, Twitter, & online newspapers.
6:30 Feed dad breakfast. (Usually leave at this time during the school year.)
7:00 Tris arrives for ride to school (only for volleyball tryout week.)
7:30 Starbucks. Yeah! Pike’s coffee-of-the-day is da bomb….
7:45 Drop off Tris at Keku, then go to Toshi’s to pick up a box of cone sushi.
8:00 Design & develop a wiki to host handouts & resources for teachers.
8:30 Planned visit to a co-worker’s home is cancelled.
9:00 Burn audio books to CD and meet w/ team members in my office. Coach Pono shares about his club volleyball team’s national championship. (Cool!)
10:00 Record a videotaped message to a co-worker. Played a song on my guitar, but messed up.
10:30 Start production on updated version of KES parent orientation DVD.
11:30 Lunch at Meg’s w/ Cy & Tim. Thursday’s special, the “miso-paka” (opakapaka fish.)
12:30 Assist grade 4 teacher w/ data backup, installation of fonts, & setup of Apple store account.
1:30 Started 2.0 upgrade of my iPod Touch (took forever.)
2:00 Examined new website, now known as “delicious” (social bookmarking site.)
2:30 Continued work on wiki site and Ning site (mashup.)
3:00 Discovered that IT has now blocked MySpace on the admin. network. How’s that??
3:30 Emailed letter to one of the organizers of the upcoming PodCamp conference.
3:45 Learned to embed different types of widgets on our particular wiki. Continued work on wiki.
4:15 Yaba-daba-doo….
5:00 Grocery shopping. Filled gas ($65 for three-quarter tank….)
6:00 Dinner of canned spaghetti. Pretty gross.
6:30 Twittered: “why does canned spaghetti taste so nasty? what on earth are they putting in it?”
7:00 Bo-cha.
7:30 Read and/or get back on the computer. Maybe check out Waikele Borders/Starbucks, which is only a block away…. (Thursday night’s minichurch now moved to Wednesday.)
11:00 Sleep.

Looking forward to a “Happy Aloha Friday” tomorrow….

New Highlights!

Goofy picture, I know…. Got my hair highlighted a few weeks ago. I’ve been going to my friend Jen for a long time now. She made me blonde the last time. She calls this color “Nanakuli Red.”

This is the kind of blog post you make when you’re sick at home. I may delete this once I recover and regain my senses….