Small Kid Time….

“I remember days when we were younger….”

Singing the song, “Ku’u Home ‘O Kahalu’u” this past weekend at Kualoa Beach Park made me reflect. Growing up in McCully was special. Those were the good ol’ days. Those were my “hanabata days.”

I remember….

• going to the Islanders’ baseball games at the old Honolulu Stadium. The S&S saimin on a cold, rainy night hit the spot.

• eating shave ice at Alice’s Market (the current Waiola Shave Ice Store.) They had pickled mango, baseball cards, cone sushi, and slingshots.

• riding bike through people’s yards. I had a yellow Schwinn Stingray with a banana seat.

• catching crayfish & guppies at “Duck Pond” (the stream on Date Street.)

• mom’s fried kamaboko & mayonnaise sandwiches. So ono….

• dad driving us to school in the morning, listening to “Aku” on the radio. (Remember the “Coconut Wireless?”)

• me & my friends playing Kikaida and roller derby against my sister & her friends.

• Obaachan picking pikake flowers in the backyard for her tea.

• walking our dog Sparky around the block and getting dragged on the sidewalk.

• picnics and parties with the relatives and cousins. My job was to fan the hibachi and fetch Primo beers.

• “Jeremiah was a bullfrog….”

• Checkers & Pogo, Flintstones, and Gilligan’s Island. Must see TV….

• getting stuck in the elevator at Wigwam Store (the current Longs Drugs on King Street.)

• the only phrase I learned at Japanese School, “Sensei, osokunatte sumimasen.” (Sorry I’m late.)

• going to Keiki Land at the Ala Moana Shopping Center.

• eating at the Flamingo Restaurant, Cha-cha Tei & Edo Shokudo Restaurants, Golden Duck Chop Suey, and Chunky’s Drive In.

“I remember days when we were smiling
When we laughed and sang the whole night long….”