Jeremy Lin has taken the NBA by storm. This underdog / Asian-American / Harvard graduate has captured the imagination of the sports world.

More importantly, he has become a witness for Christ to over a billion people in China. Lin is so popular in China, his counterfeit knock-off jerseys are all sold out. He has been embraced by a country that has been notorious for persecution. This is an amazing breakthrough. Tim Tebow witnessed to millions, but we are now talking about a scale that has never been approached before.

Not to get carried away, but I believe that the unassuming Jeremy Lin has a platform that Billy Graham (or Tim Tebow) could never have imagined in his wildest dreams. Now that’s Linsanity….

King Without a Crown….

Realized today that what I really love most about sports is not the game itself. It’s about the passion, the attachment, and how it affects our lives….

The big story is not about Miami, the “big three,” or dynasty. It’s about tragedy. Yes, Shakespeare had it right. “I don’t know that any other professional athlete in our country means as much to the city he plays in, as LeBron means…. meant to Cleveland….” – – Gary Parrish, cbssports.com.

A hometown hero brings a city back to life. He is the “Chosen One.” He becomes its heart & soul. Then he betrays the city like a thief in the night. He can never return. It’s more than a sports story. You have to go back to Greek mythology to find a story as big as this….

Who’s Da Best?

Kobe or LeBron? The debate rages on. It appears to be split at the moment. Never mind  that Kobe has won 4 NBA titles (and is on the verge of a 5th) and LeBron only has D-III high school titles on his résumé. (Most fans don’t even know that Bill Russell has 11 NBA championships.) My reply to the Kobe/LeBron question? Kobe will be playing in Game 7 on Thursday and LeBron will be watching it on TV like you & me.

But the “real” question is this. Who’s the best of all-time? That’s a no-brainer….

….and I’m a big time Dr. J fan.