Phở Photos & My Top 10….

Here’s a follow-up to my post, Phở Wars. (Please read that first.)

I love phở . You could say it’s an addiction. I have it at least once a week. Every Saturday I take a walk into Chinatown. It’s a lot of fun….

Here are a few of my phở photos on Instagram….

I’ve listed my top 3 in my previous post. Here is my current Top 10. Happy eating to you all….

1. Pho My Lan (Maunakea Street in Chinatown.) So good…. Here is my Yelp review.

2. Huong Lan (Chinese Cultural Plaza.) Yes, it’s all about the broth.

3. Anh Hong Vietnamese Restaurant (formerly known as 99 Coffee near River Street in Chinatown.)

4. Saigon Vietnamese Cuisine (King, near River Street) Taste the star anise, fatty brisket.

5. Pho To-Chau (River Street.) This place has the longest lines.

6. Saigon Noodle House (Kane’ohe.) Beefy, salty, lemony. No brisket.

7. Pho One (Kapiolani Blvd.) On the salty side.

8. Golden River Restaurant (River Street.) Best meatball.

9. Pho Mai (King Street.)

10. Cuu Long II (River Street.) Good quality meat, thicker noodles. Way, way better than the other Cuu Long in Pearl Kai.

Honorable Mention: Vietnam Cafe Pho Saigon (Hotel Street.) Dark broth, on the sweeter side.

Phở Wars

Phở is comfort food! And it’s been my quest this year to find the best phở on O’ahu. I’ve combined my love of walking with my passion for eating and sampled over 20 phở restaurants. Now you can’t try every single phở shop on the island. There are too many. I’ve had to screen them via word-of-mouth recommendations, as well as Yelp.

I always order the “combination beef” phở. This is usually the house specialty. I also believe that fatty brisket & beef tendon is the only way to go….

When preparing my plate of dipping sauce, I add equal portions of Sriracha sauce, hoisin sauce, and chili oil. Then I stir it up. I use the lime, a few basil leaves, and all of the coriander. I don’t care for bean sprouts in my phở, but I digress….

And the winner is….

I mean my favorite is…. Phở My Lan on Maunakea Street in Chinatown. The broth is so good that it tingles in your mouth like a fine wine. You can’t mistake this place because of the large aquariums filled with arowana.

I also liked Phở Huong Lan (Chinese Cultural Plaza,) Saigon Vietnamese Cuisine, and Anh Hong (both on corner of King & River.)

Hope to continue updating this post. Having a phở-bulous time….