Welcome to the Best Weekend in Football….

….the NFL Divisional Playoffs. It’s the best weekend (although Super Bowl parties are fun,) because you have the eight best teams left. This means you have two games on Saturday and two on Sunday. Awesome.

Now I don’t have a favorite football team. I loved the Steelers of the 70s as a little kid and 49ers of the 80s (Joe Montana.) But this year, I finally have a team to root for. The Denver Tebows! Here is my blog post about him from two years ago.

They may not win this weekend, but he has already left his mark….


In My Humble Opinion….

….Tim Tebow is the most “visible” Christian of all time. Here’s why:

This dude is  always being interviewed because he is the quarterback of Florida.
He plays in the SEC.
He led his his team to 2 national championships.
He won the Heisman Trophy.
(Not politically correct….) He is white.
He is charismatic (“larger than life.”) His nickname is “Superman.”

Here’s really why….
This is the digital age. Other Christian athletes, celebrities, etc., lived before the era of social media and YouTube. Never before has there been such potential for a global audience (and millions of “eyeballs….”)

But here’s the real reason….
Never before have we come across a person of this stature (and platform) who proclaimed his faith so adamantly.

He may not make it in the NFL, but he has already left his mark….