Slide Show Story….

Our 6th graders had their end-of-the-year banquet on Tuesday. I was happy to help them with their slide show. Each student was required to scan an old school photo to contribute to the slide show.

Now, there’s this group of 6th graders who regularly visit me after school. (They always mark up my dry-erase board and raid my secret food stash.) They’re a fun bunch. Unfortunately, they got into big trouble on Monday and were not allowed to attend the banquet.

Three of them came by after school today to visit. Feeling sorry for them, I showed them the slide show which was still on my computer. It wouldn’t be the same “magical” experience as viewing the show on a big screen in a darkened auditorium with classmates. That’s what I presumed….

The three best friends started to tear up. I was blown away. Anyway, this is a picture that one of them had scanned in class.

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