Got Change?


OK. I’m not the biggest fan of Punahou School (alma mater of Barack Obama.) This is in spite of the fact that I have good friends who teach there and good friends who enroll their children there. I love them dearly.

Why then…? Well, it’s because they beat us in everything! Football, baseball, basketball, swimming, golf, track, soft tennis…. get the picture? With the exception of girls volleyball & soccer, they “own” us. Yes, they are our most hated rival. And now this. They lay claim to the presidency of the United States. Good grief….

Anyway, I caught this evening’s newscast to view the replay of this morning’s inauguration. Then came the parade, led by the Punahou Marching Band. As I reached for the remote, something strange happened. The camera went to a close-up of Barack Obama’s face. You could see the emotion in his eyes. I suddenly saw the parade from his point of view. Here on the world’s greatest stage was his high school band from Hawai’i. They came at great lengths to be there on his biggest day. What must he have felt at that moment? I kinda got choked up….


Change? I guess we can….

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