“Good Eats” in Kalihi….

We usually eat out for lunch. Here are my top 10 favorite eateries in Kalihi….

1. Ethel’s Grill (ever since the closing of Kam Bowl….)
A “greasy spoon” at the very end of Kalihi Street. The food is absolutely amazing….

2. Helena’s Hawaiian Food. Pipikaula shortribs…. mmm so good!
3. Monarch Seafood. Crab cakes & deep fried poke’.
4. Han Yang. Kalbi & the sides….
5. Kikuya Restaurant. Teishoku baby….
6. Mexican Restaurant. Love the fish tacos….
7. Gulick Delicatessen.
8. Golden City Restaurant.
9. Meg’s. Opakapaka on Thursdays & Fridays w/ side order of miso soup!
10. ‘Akahi Dining Hall, Kamehameha Schools. Homestyle chicken makes me go “chee-hoo!”
Honorable Mention: Nico’s at Pier 38 & Jane’s Fountain.

4 thoughts on ““Good Eats” in Kalihi….

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