The Imua Sports Network….

….was a dream come true.

We were able to run a “sports network” (à la ESPN) at our middle school at virtually no cost using web 2.0 apps. We were able to promote, cover, and webcast intermediate sporting events to a “global” audience.

The best part was of course, working with the students. We had a blast! Although we had our share of challenges (attendance during the 2nd semester,) the students asked if we could do this again next year. Hana hou? Probably not, due to the fact that we’re not allowed to repeat performance goals at work. This took a lot of time beyond of the work day.

Still, it was a lot of fun. It opened up a whole new world for me. Seeing what goes on on campus after school (and into the evening) was pretty neat. I was able to experience a side of our school that most employees  never have the opportunity to. I am extremely proud of our school.

Please visit the Imua Sports Network at

Facebook: (490 fans!)

Imua, and Go Warriors!

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