“Worship Him” Honolulu 2011

Attended the HIM (Hawaiian Islands Ministries) Conference this past weekend. It was my ninth conference in a row. It’s something that I look forward to all year long. The teaching is incredible and the worship is amazing. Such a blessing!

Here I am waiting outside the Convention Center’s main ballroom. I’m always early to each general session so that I can get a good seat. I know, crazy….

There were about 4000 attendees. You can’t see me (obviously because I took this picture,) but because I’m usually in the 2nd or 3rd row.

Here are the highlights that I will remember from this conference:
1. Deepening my relationship with God.
2. Dave Gibbons from Arizona and Pete Greig from London were fantastic speakers.
3. Koa Siu sitting in with Cory’s band on Friday. Amazing song….
4. The Ben & Jerry’s Cherry Garcia ice cream (dipped in dark chocolate) that I always get there.
5. Saturday morning’s worship. The youth are allowed to come up near the stage for worship. They usually dance and “move all over.” They are awesome. But this morning, these two local old men (one with a cane) came up to the front in the aisle next to me. They were dancing and praising out loud. It was great. It was absolutely contagious and inspiring to say the least. They really knew how to WORSHIP HIM.

Already looking forward to next year….

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