“My Funny Valentine”

….is one of my all time fave songs. It’s a Rodgers show tune from the 1930s. Funny, but it’s not about Valentine’s Day. It’s about a character named Valentine LaMar in the Broadway musical. But I digress….

Somehow, I have created a funny Valentine’s tradition of my own. Each year, I give a Valentine’s gift to myself. (Sigh.) One year it was a guitar. One year it was luggage.

This year, I consider my trip to Europe as the gift. Oh yah. I got a gift card for Christmas, so I got myself a pair of tortoise Ray-Bans for the trip.

Hmm…. maybe having myself as my “Valentine” is not such a bad thing after all.

P.S. My favorite version of My Funny Valentine is by Tierney Sutton. Click on track 24.

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