TEDxHonolulu Event

Attended TEDxHonoluluSalon tonight at the Fresh Café in Kaka’ako. Had a great time. “A TEDx Salon is a small weekly or monthly recurring event that keeps a TEDx community engaged between larger annual or bi-annual events.”

Fresh Café is a great venue for such an event as this. Plus, it’s only three blocks away from home. Went early and had the Turkey Pesto Melt on ciabatta.

The event itself was kinda neat. The speakers were Taimane Lopes, Hunter Heaivilin, and Joanne Kapololu. They were great. Here are their bios.

The best part was meeting up with cool people like @amyburvall, @NEENZ, @taracoomans, @ForestF, and @hollybullockmph. Hope to see them at the next event.

Check out my story at storify.com.

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