Happy Vacation Day

Took a vacation day today (for no special reason.) Decided to hike it around Diamond Head. Parked my truck at Kapiolani Park and slipped on my Nikes (shoelaces untied as usual.)

I started walking along the bike path at Kapiolani Park and then continued up Diamond Head Road.

I passed by a couple of nice beach parks and a few amazing beachfront properties.

Passed by the lighthouse and walked down a steep, paved path to the beach.

Popular surf spot. Walking back up was the toughest part of the entire hike.

The views from the lookouts were pretty spectacular. Someone is also growing a garden up there.

I circled Diamond Head and passed Triangle Park and KCC. I came down Monsarrat Avenue.

I stopped for lunch at South Shore Grill. I had the mix plate with a fish taco, BBQ chicken, and kal-bi ribs. Hit the spot.

Walked around Queen Kapiolani Garden and then back to my truck.

Went home to shower & relax, and then walked over to REAL a Gastropub in the afternoon. Had the duck confit and a nice ale.

It was a great way to spend the day….

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