Wicked Honolulu


So blessed to have seen Wicked last night! It was amazing! Went with a bunch of friends from church. Here’s a pic of “the cousins.”

Actually purchased the ticket back in 2011 at a group rate (when I could still afford it.) It was so worth it. The production was great. The story & storytelling were amazing. The music was inspiring, and the two leads were fantastic. I highly recommend it.

This was the last play that I absolutely wanted to see. I’ve seen the “Big Four,” Phantom, Les Mis, Cats (hated Cats,) and Miss Saigon. I’ve also seen Rent, Beauty & the Beast, Grease, Chicago, Lion King, Chorus Line, and High School Musical (hey, it was good.)

Go see Wicked. You’ll definitely be “flying high, defying gravity….”

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