Honolulu Festival 2013

Long day, but a great day! Went to check out Honolulu Festival, “Pacific Harmony.” Walked down to the Convention Center. Stopped by at Pho One, since it was on the way….

The Convention Center was filled with exhibits, performances, an indoor bon dance, games for kids, and the “World’s Largest Aloha Shirt.”

Then I walked over to Waikiki Beach for the parade. Found a nice spot near the Duke Kahanamoku statue. Always important to find a restroom in the area….

These girls from Japan really wanted to be in my blog. ありがとう!

This parade was pretty impressive! There were marching bands, beauty queens, cultural dances (from many different cultures,) and an inflatable dragon.

In fact, the parade lasted two hours! When it got dark, the lighted floats passed by.

After the parade, I walked along the beach and found a spot in front of the Royal Hawaiian Hotel.

The night ended with a spectacular fireworks display. Props to my iPhone 4S.

Had a blast. What a treat….

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