Our friends from Glendal Primary School in Melbourne were finally able to visit us! Here are Roula, Antoinette, Alex, and Christina. We were able to visit their school back in 2010 through JEM, the Joint Environmental Mission. Here’s a blog link about that visit. Sheryl, Gay, Judy, Lehua, and I took turns hosting them throughout the week. I took them site seeing along the Makapu’u coast. We had dinner at the Kona Brewing Company at Koko Marina.

We laughed a whole lot. They are super nice, friendly, and amazing. They gave me an education on the slang, “Sheila.” A tip for the guys: don’t call a woman a “Sheila” in Australia. A tip for the gals: don’t wear a “flanny” (flannel shirt) when traveling in Australia.

I picked them up from their hotel in Waikiki and took them on a school tour. We visited the three campuses and enjoyed the view from atop the ‘Akahi Dining Hall.

Our Aloha dinner was at Duke’s in Waikiki. It was special. We had to wait a while for a table, but this is not a bad place to be “waiting” around for a few hours. Our friends had a great time here in Hawai’i, and we were blessed to have spent some time with them. Looking forward to our next meetup….

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