Chow, Fun, & Chun….

It’s been a tradition to “bid aloha to summer” at the annual Chun fam camp at Kualoa Beach Park. Every August, friends gather at Camp Site “A” for good food, good friends, and good fun.

The pavilion is well-equipped with a full kitchen, ice machine, walk-in freezer, and overnight security.

Jan made spam musubis! We had spaghetti and corn-on-the-cob for lunch.

The views here are breathtaking.

Here’s a pano of the beach. The kids were able to go fishing, kayaking, and stand-up paddle surfing.

Cigar smoke always fills the air at camp! Here’s Bobbie’s stash of sticks.

I got to bust out the ol’ Martin.

I left before dinner, but heard that Lordric & Sarah’s grilled “Rolled Steak” a.k.a. the “Caterpillar” was awesome.
Had a great time! Blessed with amazing friends….

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