My Testimony

“My grandfather was a Buddhist priest. A hundred years ago, he came from Okinawa to Hawai’i to open a Buddhist temple. A hundred years later, his grandson (me) traveled from Hawai’i to Okinawa to help plant a Hope Chapel church.

My father fought in WWII. He was part of the 100th Battalion, 442nd Infantry. Growing up, he was an alcoholic. We never got along. I used to ask God, “Why did You pick him to be my father?” It wasn’t until later in life that I realized that “Maybe God picked me to be his son.”

I went to McKinley High School. There was an amazing student who impacted my life. Her name was Vicki. She lit up the room. She could make friends with the “mokes under the tree” or with the “immigrants on the Math Team.” I couldn’t believe that she was sick. I heard the gospel for the first time at her funeral. The person who impacted my life the most was not a pastor, but a teenager (or a young person much like yourself.)

I used to think, “I wish I could be a Christian. Too bad I’m a Buddhist.” A year later, I was listening to a transistor radio (the thingy with a dial, an antenna, and a square battery.) It was Greg Laurie. He said, “You need to believe in Jesus. It doesn’t matter what religion you are.” I received Christ over the radio.

My mom received the Lord in the hospital. Her last request was for me to leave home and to live my own life. I decided to stay and take care of my dad. He slowly became one of the sweetest persons that I’ve ever known, and we truly became the very best of friends. After years of prayer, he received the Lord in the hospital.

My sister is the most important person in my life. She’s the only family that I have. She faithfully serves the Lord. Her son leads worship at Inspire Church. (You probably know Grayson.)

 I am blessed.

My grandfather was a Buddhist priest. He made his home in Chinatown and raised a family. A hundred years later, his grandson has made his home in Chinatown at Inspire City Church. And he has found a family.”

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