Blessed to have played a live gig tonight at my friends’ restaurant, Pono Plates. I think it went well. I messed up a few times, but it was due to a lack of focus more than nerves. I was more nervous at home than at the restaurant. It was fun, and I feel extremely relieved now.

I found out back in June that my friends wanted to include me in their summer lineup. I asked for August to give me some time to practice following a 2-year hiatus from playing guitar. I practiced really hard and especially this past week. I once played a gig 15 years ago at the Tropiccino Café in Kapolei, so I guess you could call this my “Reunion Tour.”

Here’s a wide shot of Pono Plates. The stage is in the back-left corner. (Click to enlarge.)

Here’s a sample….

The best part was meeting up with good friends. The support warmed my heart. It was an amazing night and definitely one of my highlights of summer….

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