The Kapolei Teal Reveal

Kapolei High School has cool colors and cool uniforms. Their colors are teal, black, and silver. The teal color really stands out and has taken on an identity for the entire community.

True story:
Here’s a piece of trivia. The teal color is from me. Promise!

When Kapolei High School opened, it wanted to represent the colors from the middle school and the elementary school to unify the young community. They took silver from the middle school (blue & silver) and teal from the elementary school (purple & teal.) They added black as their color of choice.

I helped open Kapolei Elementary School in 1993. We started off with a very small, but close staff. I was on the planning committee that was tasked to select the mascot and school colors. I chose the color teal, because it was unique to the Campbell Complex (it was actually unique to the D.O.E. and to the rest of the state.) The other teachers all wanted purple.

But because I got to order the jerseys, I included only the teal (and left the purple out.) Hehe. Not a fan of purple.

And that’s the whole story, Wilma….

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