EdCamp Honolulu

Photo credit @EdTechnocation

It’s been a long-time goal to host an EdCamp event here at Kamehameha. We did it! It was a big success. There were about 90 attendees (educators from public, private, higher-ed, and industry) and a team of a dozen awesome volunteers. It was a great experience to serve on the core planning committee with these inspiring educators.

We are also thankful to our sponsors for monetary contributions and in-kind donations.

Photo credit @Bytemarks

An EdCamp is an “unconference.” There are no scheduled presenters. Instead, participants come with their ideas & suggestions and are in charge of their own learning.

In the age where most content can be accessed online, the value of these events is in making connections. Many friendships were made which will hopefully lead to more collaborations in the future.

Photo credit @WendyLOliver

Very happy with the day, and proud to be a part of an amazing team!

Follow the conversation on Twitter at hashtag #EdCampHI.

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