Super Party

Every year, about a dozen close friends attend Brian’s super, Super Bowl party in Kalihi. It’s become quite the tradition. I believe that today marks our 20th Super Bowl party!

The party starts at about noon. Brian prints a commemorative t-shirt each year and passes them out upon arrival. The shirts add a special touch.

Then the grilling begins. We try to eat before kickoff, which is usually around 1:30pm (HST.) People brought pizza, chili, and desserts.

My contribution to the potluck was this SUPER haul of poke from Foodland Farms @ Ala Moana.

Then comes the lengthy explanation of the game sheet we play. I’m always pretty bad at this. My excuse is that I’m actually trying to watch the game. Brian always comes up with cool prizes.

Today’s grand prize was a Derek Carr autographed mini-helmet. Last year it was Marcus Mariota. Nice!

We were hoping for a close game, and we got one. It went into overtime. I truly appreciate today’s gathering. So much fun catching up. And it’s all about having your own traditions. Already looking forward to the next one. It was a super Sunday. #SB51

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