“Hot Bowl of Goodness”

Every Saturday morning, I walk over to Chinatown from my apartment in Kakaʻako. I like to think of it as exercise (“urban hiking.”) But really, it’s to eat. It’s become a regular, weekly ritual for me. Usually, I’ll order up some type of noodle soup. My term of endearment is “hot bowl of goodness.” Best way to describe it, and best way to start the weekend! So comforting…

You’d expect to find a lotta Chinese restaurants in Chinatown, but outside of the Cultural Plaza, most are Vietnamese. Three of my fave Vietnamese shops are all in a row at the end of King Street near River Street. I get phở from Saigon Vietnamese Cuisine, bún riêu (crab-tomato soup) from Anh Hong, and bún bò Huế (spicy beef soup) from Kim An.

When craving dumpling noodle soup, I head over to Hong Kong Noodle House on the river side of the Cultural Plaza. So good! A couple of doors down you can get Taiwanese Spicy Beef Noodle Soup from KC Kitchen. A great place on Maunakea Street is Lam’s Kitchen. There you can get a bowl of Beef Flank w/ Tendon & Look Fun Noodle Soup. All good and all affordable.

I am a ramen fanatic, but there is no ramen in Chinatown with the exception of Lucky Belly. The Belly Bowl there is really good. Marukame Udon in the Fort Street Mall is super popular. Very inexpensive and tasty. Only thing is that the broth comes out luke warm. Gotta have it hot.

At Papa’s Café on Hotel Street, you can get Malaysian laksa. Order the combination of brisket & wonton. There is much variety in Chinatown, from pulled noodles to glass noodles, topped with pig’s feet to duck leg to short ribs. Mmm, so ono.

You’ll find me in Chinatown on Saturdays. Look for the guy sitting near the window wearing a baseball cap, stirring chili oil in anticipation of the “hot bowl of goodness” to come…

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