10 All-Time Favorite Albums

An interesting survey has been circulating on Facebook. “What are your 10 all-time favorite albums?” A fun, but difficult question to answer. Record albums were a part of a very different era. An album was a collection of songs by an artist (at a particular point in time) that took you on a magical journey. The vinyl LP combined with cover art and liner notes was a delightful package of creativity & artistic expression.

I grew my vinyl collection from stores like Tower Records, DJ’s Sound City, House of Music, and Records Hawaiʻi. Here is my feeble (and nostalgic) attempt at a Top 10. (Intentionally omitting “greatest hits” from this list.)

1. Kalapana‘s first album. This was the soundtrack to my high school years. The reason why I picked up the guitar. I wanted to be like Mackey Feary.

2. Boston‘s first album. Music to cruise to. And more than a feeling…

3. Earth, Wind & Fire “All ‘n All” My fave band growing up. “They play so beautiful, don’t you agree?”

4. Climax “Climax Featuring Sonny Geraci” Precious & Few, Life & Breath, played over & over.

5. Journey “Escape” Another one from my high school days. Worked at the Blaisdell concession during their record-breaking sellouts.

6. Police “Zenyatta Mondatta” A different sound. So many good tunes.

7. Stevie Wonder “Songs in the Key of Life” Stevie Wonder is a genius.

8. Michael Jackson “Off the Wall” First heard it while working at Holiday Mart. Every song a hit.

9. Spyro Gyra “Morning Dance” My introduction to jazz music.

10. Chicago “II” The first album I ever bought. Special.

Left out so many fave records from my collection, but a fun time revisiting good memories.

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