On Black Friday, I ordered the 23andMe DNA test kit. Got it for $30 off. I’ve always been curious, so I finally pulled the trigger. Some people ask if this really works. My thinking is that whatever your parents/grandparents tell you is only “hearsay.”

I know that I’m half-Okinawan and half-Japanese. I suspect a little Chinese (Taiwanese) since Okinawa is so close to Taiwan in proximity.

The results are in! Notified by email this morning. I’m 2.3% Korean! That was a surprise for sure. (No wonder I enjoyed my Korea trip so much!) I assume that anything over 1% is legit (allowing for a little margin of error.)

I was disappointed that 23andMe does not distinguish between Okinawan and Japanese (similar to how they lump French and German together.)

But very excited to discover that I’m part Korean. Kamsamnida 감사합니다

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