This is a great era in music. We all have personal listening devices. Music is customized to our individual tastes. Great for the listener, and great for the artist.

But what have we lost?

Back in my high school days, we would all cram into one car and pop in a mixtape. We would cruise through Waikiki while singing our favorite songs. Boston, Journey, REO Speedwagon. Kalapana and C&K. This was the soundtrack of our youth.

At our high school reunion, they played Earth, Wind & Fire’s “Love’s Holiday.” When Maurice White sang,

“Would you mind
If I touched, if I kissed, if I held you tight
In the morning light?”

our class shared the same heartbeat.

Does this still happen today? Not saying that one is better than the other. Love all my playlists on my iPhone. Still, so blessed when I hear Maurice sing,

“Love has found its way, in my heart tonight”

and know that my classmates feel the same.