Social Gatherings

The COVID pandemic has impacted us all. Everyone has a story. To make the best of the situation, my friends and I meet up weekly for おちゃ “ocha” (afternoon tea) and おひる “ohiru” (lunch outings.) This gives me something to look forward to…

We have found picnicking to be most enjoyable and relaxing. Good food, great friends, and Hawaii’s beautiful nature & weather make for a perfect day. There are really nice beach parks, mountain parks, and botanical gardens to visit. And buying takeout helps to support the local restaurant scene.

In these difficult times, it is important to take care of ourselves by doing positive and healthy activities. And in these difficult times, you can still have the happiest of memories.

Corona 🦠

This coronavirus pandemic is one of the most difficult things that I’ve ever been through. Hawaii’s stay-at-home orders have in effect become “isolation” for me. Now I love living alone here in my tiny Kakaʻako condo (been doing it for eleven years now.) But this has been tough.

Part of it was having to cancel two Spring trips to Japan. I came into this situation already sad. Then I started to see all kinds of cancelations taking place; graduation, Song Contest, community events, and even my Saturday 日本語 class. I felt the grief of everything around me.

Like everyone else, I started making adjustments. I am blessed to have the opportunity to work from home. It’s been crazy, but the new normal is beginning to set in. We’re still able to go grocery shopping and exercise outdoors, practicing social distancing. I’ve even learned how to cut my own hair in the mirror (see top photo in this post.) Not too bad…

But my saving grace through it all has been my friends from Japan. We live here in the same building, and we get together weekly. What started out as a language exchange has turned into a lifelong friendship. When this is all over, I just might say that this has been one of the most special things that I’ve ever been through.