Kool-Aid Gang

Woh. This is us just a “few” years ago. We met at UH’s Frosh Camp program and became lifelong friends. Miles coined the nickname the “Kool-Aid Gang” way, way back….

Thanks to Sharon & Donna, we’ve kept in touch over the years via our annual Christmas party at the Natsunoya Tea House. Good times!

We book a private room 1-year in advance. It’s truly become our tradition. We were upgraded to the “deluxe” room this year. It used to be reserved for the Samurai Sword Society of Hawai’i. Rumor has it that the members drank too much sake last year, and an argument broke out….

The food is ono, and the conversation is always amazing. We talk about family, work, travel, and UH Football woes. Sometimes Alan will drop a Barack Obama story. Mainly, we just catch up on each other’s lives. And we laugh out loud.

Besides the usual Grab Bag, we always play Donna’s hilarious dice game. おもしろい! Lordric was the big winner this year. Too fun.

So blessed to have these people in my life.

“If you let me,
I could be your good friend
I know that if you let me
We could walk together

We’re not so different you know
Though we may have different dreams
When they fall apart, we hurt the same it seems

I’m so sure, so don’t you bet me
I just know that if you let me
I’ll show you that I could be your good friend

Someone to share your good times
Someone who you can count on
That someone who, when you turn to,
Won’t turn away”

Grillin’ & Chillin’….

….at Russell & Donna’s tonight. Had a great time catching up w/ the old college gang. Got to talk-story, enjoy fresh-brewed iced tea on a summer night, and view digital photos of New York & New Hampshire. Had the best time….

Here’s their homemade rotisserie cooking up some of the juiciest chickens. Mmm….so good….

Surprise Shower….

….for San & Tam this past weekend at the Goya’s. Baby Eian is definitely on his way…. We had a nice time hanging out and talking story. The food was great too. We had steak, poke`, calamari, mochiko chicken, grilled veggies, and Susan’s “broke da mouth” clams.

Capped off the night with dessert and “Enchanted” on DVD. Good times….

Shelby’s Grad Party….

Tons of people showed up for Shelby’s grad party this past Sunday night at the Mililani Rec Center. There were good friends, good food, fun entertainment, and a really nice slide show.

It really means a lot when you appear in someone’s slide show. It gave me “chills” when the photo flashed upon the screen….