Bang a Gong….

c_steelhead_d I’m a double-bogey golfer. This means that my average score is about a 108. I guess you would call me a “ham-and-egger.” I golf about once a year. Fortunately, I have a very simple swing that’s easy to reproduce. I can “not golf” for an entire year and still hit it straight. Unfortunately, my swing is so conservative that I cannot generate any power or distance. My drives average only about 190 yards (maybe 200 w/ the roll if the ground is hard enough….)

Our Kamehameha Schools Education Support Services group sponsored a golf tournament at Mililani a couple of weeks ago. This is what happened….

I almost canceled out at the last minute. My finger still hadn’t healed from that plumbing mishap a few months ago. “Damaged ligaments,” is what Tim (KS athletic trainer) had told me. I stepped up to the 1st tee with my riding partner Cy. I placed my worn, beat-up Titleist ball on the shiny white tee. Because I don’t lose balls, I sometimes use them for two or three rounds (or two or three years.) I took a practice swing and felt a shot of pain run up my wrist. This wasn’t gonna work. I tried an interlocking grip for the first time, and it seemed to relieve some of the pressure. My first drive went straight into a large tree on the left. “OB!,” shouted one of the golfers in the group. This was going to be a long day….

After a couple of shots, I started to get the hang of it. I was able to keep the ball in play. My nemesis was my chipping and putting. I scored a few pars as well as “more than a few” triples and quadruples. Still, it was a long, hot, and humid day. The front 9 was tough, but the back 9 was brutal. Everyone was looking forward to the after-party….

Finally, we were at the 18th hole. I decided that I was gonna “swing for the fences.” “Leave it on the course,” was the battle cry that Kel, Jeff, and Sanford used to say. “Bang a gong” and “stain da BVDs” were a couple of others. I took a few practice swings with all of my might. It made loud swooshing sounds in the wind, and I saw the concerned faces of my foursome.

I addressed the ball and took the club back slowly. Then I fired my hips forward and swung as hard and as violently as possible! Crack!! I heard the sound of a “mallet striking a steel post.” I looked up and saw the ball piercing down the center of the fairway. It was a “once in a lifetime” shot. The foursome started hooting and laughing in disbelief.

We drove up to ball which was inside the 150 mark on a par 4 – 418 yard hole. The drive had gone almost 280 yards. I went on to bogey the hole to finish with a 105. My friend Gordon, who was in the group behind us, saw me hit for the first time and was in awe. I almost didn’t have the heart to tell him that that shot was a fluke. Almost….


Dean, Darrin, Cy, and I took our friend Mark golfing this past Wednesday. We wanted to celebrate the success of our EdTech Conference and host Mark, who is from Alaska. We went to the Olomana Golf Course on the windward side.

After 6 grueling hours of worm-killing, we finally made it back to the clubhouse….