Chow, Fun, & Chun….

Had a blast at the Chun’s annual family camp at Kualoa Beach Park. It’s always nice to get away, enjoy the beach, and hang out with close friends. There’s always laughter, music being strummed, kids playing, meat on the grill, and cigar smoke in the air. And it’s always great making new friends as well.

This is one of the better camping spots on the island. There’s a full kitchen with an ice machine & walk-in freezer, a hot shower, and security. We were even able to take in a catamaran ride in the bay, courtesy of the park staff. For free!

But no Chun event is complete without amazing food. They brought out the ‘ol smoker and some kiawe wood. I think I had some of the best smoked pork and turkey in my life.

Still, it’s all about the people. I’m so blessed to have such wonderful friends….

Camping at Kualoa

The Chun’s held their annual summer camp at Kualoa Beach Park and invited 40 of their closest friends and family. We camped out at camp site A, which is down a gated private road at the end of the park. The pavilion is fully equipped with sinks, stoves, and a walk-in freezer. It was the perfect place for a weekend family camp!

And not a bad location either…. Kualoa is located on the north-east shore of O’ahu and features Mokoli’i Island, better known as “Chinaman’s Hat.” The kids were able to paddle canoe in the morning with the C & C staff. At night, you could see the fireworks display at BayFest (the Black Eyed Peas Concert at the Kaneohe Marine Corps Base) from the beach.

Some of the guys were even able to pull in three nice-sized papios.

But the highlight of every Chun event is the food. There was every kind of meat being cooked or grilled around the clock. After being stuffed from breakfast, you forced down lunch, and toughed-out dinner. And of course, there was every kind of snack in between: dried fish, poke, chips, kakimochi, candy, and even cigars….

Take that back…. The highlight of every Chun event is the laughter. It was a wonderful time to catch up with old friends, make new ones, and just talk story. It’s always about friends and family, and a great time was had by all! I was so blessed to have been there….

Fun Outing….

Sometimes I take Tris & Ana on outings after church. We had a blast today! After service, we drove down to Hale’iwa and had lunch at Cholo’s Homestyle Mexican Restaurant. We then trucked it across the island to Kualoa Ranch to ride ATVs. We were able to ride deep into the valley and up the mountain, overlooking the ocean. We had great weather and a great time. At the end, we were covered with dirt from head to toe. Too fun….

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