NYE in Mauka

It’s been a longstanding tradition to celebrate New Year’s Eve with amazing friends in Mililani Mauka. It’s always a great time!

One year, the neighbors brought in a truckload of snow.

Another year, the neighbors’ friend “Buddah” came riding in on a motorcycle. Bald, wearing leather, and covered with tats, he held two rolls of firecrackers (5000s) in his hands, lit them, and spun around in the middle of the cul-de-sac.

One year, I tried relighting a string of “bombs” at the top of the firecrackers.

Something that I’ll try not to do anymore….

The New Year’s feast is always amazing.


After dinner, we play a little fireworks. “Pyro time.” After midnight, we have ozoni (mochi soup.)

But mainly, it’s all about celebrating life with great friends. So blessed to have these guys in my life.
Happy New Year!

Ringing In the New Year With a Bang


So blessed to spend each NYE with great friends. We celebrate with good food, good conversation, and fireworks (it’s a Hawai’i custom.)

The night begins with a conversation with my niece. I am encouraging her to explore her creativity through songwriting, photography, and storytelling. I explain that we can find inspiration from life’s “moments.”


It’s midnight, and my friend is about to light a long roll of firecrackers. Unfortunately, the popping stops short of the “bomb” at the top of the string. Being a good guest, I eagerly volunteer to reignite the tiny fuse to the firecracker bomb.


Here is the sequence of events to the best of my knowledge. I relit the fuse, burned my finger, screamed like a girl, stubbed two toes, then ate the pavement. I felt like Junior dos Santos as I was helped up by first responders.


The night ends by being pieced back together in the kitchen. I tell my niece, “Remember what I said about those moments? I take that back….”

Wishing you all a safe & happy Twenty Thirteen! Hau’oli Makahiki Hou….