Song Contest

Attended the 92nd annual Kamehameha Schools Song Contest, “Ho‘ōla Lāhui, Ho‘oulu Pae ‘Āina — Vibrant People, Thriving Lands.” The event is held at the Blaisdell Arena, just across the street from my condo. Song Contest is one of our most beautiful and cherished traditions.

Before the show went live, Dr. Chun greeted the crowd and received a standing ovation. It was a very heartwarming moment. We had great seats in the loges. We sat directly behind the sophomores. Mahalo Kumu Joy for the ticket!

The highlight of the event is always the Hō‘ike. This year’s Hō‘ike was a tribute to Princess Pauahi. It was another “chicken skin” moment. I truly enjoyed being at tonight’s event. So proud of our students! Congratulations to all. Here are the results from tonight’s competition….


One Voice

Saw One Voice on the big screen at the Ward Stadium Theaters. It was magical! One Voice is a documentary of the Kamehameha Schools Song Contest. But more so, it is about the Kamehameha Schools. I believe that this should be mandatory viewing for every KS employee….

I took a half-day vacation to see it. I walked over a few blocks to the theater. In fact, this was the first time that I ever went to a movie alone (something that I thought I’d never do.) I got my popcorn and sat in the best seat in the house.

After it ended, two things came to mind. First, I thought that the movie was terrific. It was very well made. Secondly, I realized how fortunate I was to have recognized the students, faculty, and buildings. In fact, I was there at that very Song Contest event.

Most people left the theater with only that first thought. I was fortunate to have had both. Yes, I am very blessed to be a part of the Kamehameha Schools. Imua….


No, that’s not the Hawaiian version of my name. ‘Alani is the Hawaiian word for orange. It is also the class color for the Kamehameha Schools senior class of 2010. The seniors were able to sweep all of the awards tonight at Song Contest. It was an amazing event.

Tris & fam and her friends came over to get ready for Song Contest. (Since my condo is right across the street from the Blaisdell Arena, it makes for a perfect staging area.) The funny part was when they practiced hugging to see if their concealed snacks would fall out.

The highlight of Song Contest for me is the Ho’ike, or the performance part of the program. The music and hula were spectacular.

Students reunite with their families in the Exhibition Hall following the event. Needless to say, Tris and her fellow seniors were “stoked” after the first sweep in 9 years. Actually, all of the classes sounded good. Still, ho’omaika’i to the seniors! Hawai’i learned a new word tonight…. ‘alani. We learned it, because we heard it over and over again….