A Gift….

….for my nephew.

Gave away my Taylor guitar to my nephew today. It’s a limited edition Koa model with the Taylor Expression System™. It’s also the coolest & sexiest guitar I’ve ever owned. Then why….?

Last year, our minichurch went to help paint our new building for Hope Chapel West O’ahu. That night, I saw my nephew leading worship for the youth group. I was totally blown away. I had no idea! I believe that that evening, God put it in my heart to give away my guitar to my nephew.

At first, I didn’t go for this idea. “Are you kidding me? This is a Taylor. I gave him a guitar once, and he sat on it. Can’t trust ‘um with the little things….”

At the same time, my finger was still bruised and battered from a plumbing mishap. Funny, but God allowed my finger to heal enough to be able to play my Martin guitar (thicker guitar neck.) It only hurts when I play the Taylor. This was confirmation for me.

My prayer is that this guitar will bless my nephew and the youth group. I hope he doesn’t fall in love with it. Really, it’s only a piece of wood. What truly matters is the worship, and that comes from the heart.