Ukulele Picnic

Walked over to the Ukulele Picnic at the Kaka’ako Waterfront Park today. Only found out about it via Twitter. Apparently, it’s put on by an Ukulele shop in Japan. It was a lot of fun. Here’s Aldrine Guerrero on stage.

There were a bunch of food booths, vendors, and crafters. There were even food trucks in the parking lot.

There were ukulele manufacturers there including Kamaka and Kanile’a. There were also free ukulele and hula lessons for the visitors. Nice….

There were jumpers and activities for the kids. (And porta potties.)


For lunch, I had a plate of yakisoba noodles and an andagi for dessert. So ono….

But the person who had the most fun was this little kid sliding down the hill on a piece of cardboard. Good times.

My Dog Has Fleas….

Got to help my friend Lee pick out a professional quality ukulele today. We ended up in the largest ukulele shop on the island, Ukulele Pua Pua in the Pac Beach Hotel. The neat thing was that we were able to compare top ukulele makes & models side-by-side (A/B testing.) Brands included Kamaka, KoAloha, Kanile’a, G-String, Keli’i, & Ko’olau. My favorite? I was surprised that it wasn’t even close. KoAloha was by far, the best sounding uke in the store. Being a traditionalist, I’ve always been a Kamaka guy. KoAloha had the best tone, volume, balance, and resonance. Here is a link to the KoAloha website. You can get a “factory 2nd” for $200 off of the retail price (or $750 for the absolutely best tenor uke around.) I may pull the trigger on one soon….