About My Screen Name….

“ukucheck” is made up of two words, uku & check. “Uku” is Hawaiian for “cootie” or “head lice.” I remember back-in-the-day while attending Ala Wai Elementary School that we had a monthly ritual of uku checks. We would all go down to the health room where the nurse would comb through our hair with two pencils in search of nits, or “uku eggs.” After much anxiety, then relief of passing the uku check, we would go out to recess. The playground would be filled with the chanting of “Billy got the ukus,” or “Sally got the ukus!” (We didn’t have Nintendo back then, so we had to entertain ourselves.) Of course if it were a big dude, we’d all be silent and avoid eye contact at all cost.

Later in my adult life, I taught out on the Leeward Coast. Once during recess duty, I heard a chorus of “Keoni got da ukus, Keoni got da ukus!” After cracking a smile and resisting the temptation of joining in, I quickly composed myself. I subsequently began to reprimand those “cruel” children….

2 thoughts on “About My Screen Name….

  1. Sooo, what does uku check mean to you? Other than the fact that you had to be checked out monthly as a child. Is there a deeper meaning for you today? 🙂 Sorry, I’m just proned to digging deeper.
    P.S. I like your banner. That’s a cool picture. and I like how you used the superscript to make you name. That is really interesting.

  2. thanks. i initially tried “al808” and “alan808” for my screen name, but they were already taken. then i tried to think of a name that would represent hawai’i and possibly include teaching or education. this made me scratch my head….

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