Why I Blog: Part II

This is an update to a post from a while ago….

This past break, I had a talk-story with a good friend about social media. I said that more than anything, I consider myself a blogger. Fact is, you are the sole reader of your own blog (with the few exceptions of close family & friends.)

Yes, I blog for myself. I blog to document my thoughts and life experiences. But here’s what I’ve discovered….

To have a good blog, you need to live a “good life.” Blogging motivates me to get off of my sofa and do stuff. It’s made me go to places where I wouldn’t have gone, and do things that I wouldn’t have done.

Yes, blogging has added value to my life….

Five Facts….

1. I play guitar. (Not because I have talent, but because I’m old enough to have done it for a long time….)

2. I’m a technology teacher, but I don’t even own my own computer….

3. I’m afraid of sharks, pregnant women, and cockroaches.

4. My dream is to travel to Italy, eat pasta at a sidewalk café, and then attend an opera at the same opera house it premiered in over a hundred years ago.

5. The most important thing that I do is sponsor a child in the Philippines through Compassion International.

Why I Blog.

I started blogging in January of 2008. I actually got into it during the time when Web 2.0 was exploding onto the scene. I wanted to keep up with new emerging technologies since it’s vital to my role as an education technology specialist. So I blogged, just to teach myself how to do it. Funny thing happened. I got hooked. Since then, I have learned that you are the #1 reader of your own blog (unless it goes viral.) So yes, I blog for myself. I keep a blog as a public, but personal diary of my life. I have a bunch, but my primary blog is “musings on living aloha….” (chronicling the life & times of a local boy growing up & growing old in downtown Honolulu.)

When blogging started to get popular, social networking took over. Still, there is a huge difference between the two. And that is why blogging will continue.

I blog to express myself. I blog to think. I blog to document the major events and defining moments in my life. And I kinda like doing it.

As life continues to move at a faster pace, I blog to pause.

Blogging can be artsy, deep, or even random. To each his own….

Al’s Chicken Sundae….

Hey, I’m cooking again! Started cooking every Sunday to save money. It’s not too bad. I squeeze out about four dinners for $7.00. It’s kinda healthy too.

Only thing is that I pretty much do the same thing every week. Here’s my recipe for success. I call it “Chicken Sundae.”

Brown 1 or 2 chicken thighs in olive oil, ginger, garlic, and onions.
Add salt & pepper in the pan.
Pour one can of chicken broth and bring to a boil.
Add veggies. I usually add daikon, cabbage, and broccoli. I have also substituted squash, long beans, or watercress.
Add ponzu sauce and simmer until your rice cooker is done cooking your rice. (I usually cut the veggies small, because  I don’t wanna wait too long.)
Serve over brown rice w/ your favorite beverage.

Bon Appétit….

My Achy Breaky Feet….

It feels like I pulled the arch muscle of my left foot. I first noticed the pain early this summer when I started wearing Crocs to work. The foot actually felt OK in Australia, only tweaking it a few times. Now that I’m walking up and down the stairs of our middle school campus, the pain is back in full force. The best way to describe it is that it’s like having a “headache in my foot.” It’s sore, and the pain kinda wears you down by the end of the day.

Did a Google search and discovered that this condition is called plantar fasciitis. No, it’s not contagious. The common causes mentioned were “age” and “weight.” Hmm….

Plantar fasciitis can be treated with ice, improved footwear (insoles,) and stretching. I was surprised about the stretching part. Isn’t my arch already torn and overstretched? I did some of the exercises and found that they actually worked. It was quite the opposite of what I wanted to do (immobilize and rest it.)

I’m gonna continue with the stretching and massages. The other option is orthopedic shoes….