My Guitars….

I love to play guitar. It’s definitely one of my passions. I used to play on the worship team at church. Now I play more at school functions. I’m not all that good, but not too terrible either. Actually, I’m good enough to fool “some of the people most of the time.”


I have three guitars. The one on the left is my “beach” guitar or “beater.” It’s a scratched-up 1970 Martin D-28. It has rosewood back & sides. I use it for church camps and school field trips.

The one in the middle is my “A” guitar. It’s a Martin D-18GE. It has mahogany back & sides. The tone is absolutely amazing. My friends don’t even know that I have it because it never leaves the house….

The one on the right is my “stage” guitar. It’s a Taylor 310 with koa back & sides. I use it when I need to plug into an amp or PA system. It has good electronics and is the easiest to play. It also looks really cool….dare I say….sexy.

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