A Typical, Atypical Day….

As an Instructional Technology Specialist at KS, I service teachers & students. So what on earth do I do in the summer? Hmm…. good question! Ha, ha. Well, let me start by saying that I am blessed to have one of the best jobs around. I work at a great school with great people & awesome kids. I also belong to a wonderful team whom I consider “family.” Another enjoyable aspect of my job is the wide variety of activities and experiences that I encounter each day. A typical day is pretty much…. atypical. Here was my schedule today:

5:00 Rise & shine. (I wake up at 4:30 during the school year.)
5:30 Done showering. Start devotions.
6:00 Read email, Twitter, & online newspapers.
6:30 Feed dad breakfast. (Usually leave at this time during the school year.)
7:00 Tris arrives for ride to school (only for volleyball tryout week.)
7:30 Starbucks. Yeah! Pike’s coffee-of-the-day is da bomb….
7:45 Drop off Tris at Keku, then go to Toshi’s to pick up a box of cone sushi.
8:00 Design & develop a wiki to host handouts & resources for teachers.
8:30 Planned visit to a co-worker’s home is cancelled.
9:00 Burn audio books to CD and meet w/ team members in my office. Coach Pono shares about his club volleyball team’s national championship. (Cool!)
10:00 Record a videotaped message to a co-worker. Played a song on my guitar, but messed up.
10:30 Start production on updated version of KES parent orientation DVD.
11:30 Lunch at Meg’s w/ Cy & Tim. Thursday’s special, the “miso-paka” (opakapaka fish.)
12:30 Assist grade 4 teacher w/ data backup, installation of fonts, & setup of Apple store account.
1:30 Started 2.0 upgrade of my iPod Touch (took forever.)
2:00 Examined new del.icio.us website, now known as “delicious” (social bookmarking site.)
2:30 Continued work on wiki site and Ning site (mashup.)
3:00 Discovered that IT has now blocked MySpace on the admin. network. How’s that??
3:30 Emailed letter to one of the organizers of the upcoming PodCamp conference.
3:45 Learned to embed different types of widgets on our particular wiki. Continued work on wiki.
4:15 Yaba-daba-doo….
5:00 Grocery shopping. Filled gas ($65 for three-quarter tank….)
6:00 Dinner of canned spaghetti. Pretty gross.
6:30 Twittered: “why does canned spaghetti taste so nasty? what on earth are they putting in it?”
7:00 Bo-cha.
7:30 Read and/or get back on the computer. Maybe check out Waikele Borders/Starbucks, which is only a block away…. (Thursday night’s minichurch now moved to Wednesday.)
11:00 Sleep.

Looking forward to a “Happy Aloha Friday” tomorrow….

One thought on “A Typical, Atypical Day….

  1. Hey Alan! Just want to say you ITS guys are the bomb! I know you work hard, but wow, I don’t know how you do it. It took me all day just to sync my KS email with my mail button on my iphone!

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