We Rock….

….climbed on April 27th.


Bruddah Tim took the Kamehameha Schools EdTech team to Makapu’u for some rock climbing. It was a blast! We had great weather, and the scenery was beautiful!!

The day started off at Jack’s Restaurant in Aina Haina. They’re known for their incredible biscuits. We then met up at Darrin’s condo in Hawai’i Kai. We carpooled and drove down to “Mak’s” (to the parking lot after the Makapu’u lighthouse.) Here is where my adventure begins….

Tim advised us to wear compression shorts underneath our walking shorts. This was to prevent your pics from appearing on failblog.org. Not owning a pair of “tights” like my co-workers, I wore my baseball sliding pants. On top of that, I wore jeans shorts that covered my knees. (I know that this “set-up” sounds like an excuse…. but it’s not.) We then carried the gear and hiked half-way up the mountain. This totally killed me. I was gassed! My legs were shot. Finally, we made it to the face of the mountain. The view was spectacular! I was able to recover, and successfully climb the “beginner’s rock.” It was fun. I was very appreciative of the opportunity to do something like this in such a beautiful place. End of story right? Another “Disney happy ending….”

Nope. Bruddah Darrin, (a world-class triathlete) and Tim , (the most in-shape P.E. teacher in the state) thought it would be cool if our team climbed to the top of the mountain. We were already half-way there…. So we did. The team blitzed to the top. Lynne, Mimi, and Melia (the wahines on the team) led the way. I on the other hand, was running on empty. I dreaded every inch of the way. My pants were too tight! I felt like a running back trying to score with two tacklers hanging onto his legs…. Bruddah Cy was compassionate enough to fake that he was as out-of-shape as I was. He advised me to tie my shoes (I never tie my shoe laces….) That made a huge difference. I then rolled up my pants, and made it to the top. Thank god!

Lunch was great! We went to Sandy’s Beach and had a cook out. As soon as I parked, I peeled off my baseball pants and threw it away in the dumpster. We chomped down on misoyaki chicken, rib-eye steak, and rice. Bruddah Nate and I drank coconut water and Pepsi. All in all, it was a fun, awesome, and an amazing day….


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