Tying the Knot

Congrats to two of the Bishop Brothers for “tying the knot!”
No, they didn’t marry each other. Hehe. But they got married on consecutive Saturdays.

The team celebrated at Kikuya’s. (We’re becoming regulars there.)

For Timo’s “bachelor party,” we went golfing at Bay View. The weather was perfect. We had an absolute blast.

We had dinner at the Signature Steak & Seafood Restaurant at the top of the Ala Moana Hotel. I guess you could call this a “salad,” except that the green(s) are on top of the meat and not underneath….
All kidding aside, the bone-in ribeye was winnahs!

Meanwhile, Kimble was in Kona getting married on the beach. What an amazingly awesome picture!

So happy for Tim & Roseann and Kimble & Naho!!

Now three of the four Bishop Boys are married (just me left.)
Peer pressure? Haha. Nah.


Our team held its 2nd annual Mashup today at Bishop Hall on the Kapālama campus. It was a huge success. There were approximately 45 educators in attendance. Mashup is a combination of what we like from conferences (experts presenting on relevant topics) and what we like from unconferences (educators empowered to choose their own PD.)

We had an absolute blast (as we always do….)

Mahalo to our amazing team (and to our amazing friends.)

We celebrated the day, our event, and Kimble & Marc’s birthdays at Kikuya’s. Good times….

What a (Re)treat!

Our Kamehameha ETS Team held its annual retreat on November 13-14. It was a great two days of team building, service, and fellowship. We started the day with a tour of Kawaiaha’o Plaza to learn about our different departments at KS. Then we got to visit the Our Kaka’ako office.

We were given a walking tour of Kaka’ako and visited some of the businesses. Here we are relaxing in one of the “parklets”.

Then it was lunch time. We drove down to the Alley Restaurant at ‘Aiea Bowl. This is the signature dish, the Tasty Chicken. Noms.

Then it was “game on.” Unfortunately, I did not bring my “A” game. I believe my lackluster performance was due to the pink trim on the shoes.

We had an absolute blast! It was a great 1st day….

The morning of Day 2 was dedicated to service projects. Our group was given the theme of “conservation.” We volunteered to help out the Kumuola Foundation in Mānoa Valley.

We spent a few hours weeding around the taro patches. Not a bad office view….

Here’s our group pic with Kuki from the Kumuola Foundation. Photo courtesy of @summer_sun.

Lunch was at Dave & Buster’s in Ward. We had a private room and shared presentations about our service projects. We were treated to a buffet lunch and Power Cards. Too fun!

Mahalo to our amazing team and our amazing leaders for a great retreat. What a treat….

Great Day at K-Bay

Spent the Kamehameha Day holiday at the sandbar in Kāneʻohe Bay. It was a treat! Mahalo to Tim for taking us on the outing. The weather was spectacular! (Click to enlarge.)

Photo courtesy of @WendyLOliver

We launched his boat from He’eia Pier and laid anchor at the sandbar. There was a bunch of tourists there, but it wasn’t crowded at all. Enjoyed the great company, Noe’s spam musubis & Funyuns, and Wendy’s Arizona Iced Tea.

The kids had an absolute blast! Their highlight was getting towed on a raft and doing a bit of “wakeboarding.”

Amazing, amazing day….

EdTech reTreat

The Kamehameha Schools Education Technology Services group held its annual retreat this week at the Podium Raceway in Kapolei. It was an amazing two days. Day 1 started off with pule, and then a presentation on servant leadership by Alt Kagesa.

We had a pizza lunch and an impressive spread of refreshments.

Then it was race time. It was an absolute blast! They do a great job at here the raceway. It was a great day of learning and relationship building.

We convened on Day 2 at the Academy of the Pacific (AOP.) After pule, we played a game of Play-Doh charades. Then we were given a surprise challenge. We broke up into teams and were given $25 and 3 hours to perform community service. My awesome team consisted of Erin, Carmen, Kelly, Gary, and Steven. Carmen suggested that we deliver goodie bags to the Shriners Hospital for Children. Because $25 was not enough, we all agreed to chip in our $10 lunch allowance.

We went shopping at Price Busters in Kalihi and Target in Salt Lake. We assembled the goodie bags in the Target parking lot from the back of my truck. We included toys, stickers, bubbles, coloring books, and personally written greeting cards.

We delivered the bags to the reception area. We felt very blessed.

We had lunch at Auntie Pasto’s. Carmen shared about what the Shriners Hospital had done for her daughter. Today was a great day to give back.

We returned to AOP where everyone shared inspiring stories, photos, and experiences. I believe that today, the world became a better place, and we became better people. Ka hana a keu.