A Birthday Blessing….

Yes, yesterday was my birthday. (I refer to it as the “anniversary of my 29th birthday.”) However, I spent most of the day scrubbing floors and toilets….

Last night was also my very last night in my Waikele home. After a long and arduous journey of selling, buying, cleaning, and moving, everything is finally coming to fruition. There were corrupt lawyers, alcoholic carpenters, injury-prone painters, late-night termite inspectors, and plumbing issues along the way. However, there were wonderful people and friends who helped me and supported me through it all. I’ll be moving into my new condo next week! Chee-hoo!

Last night gave me a chance to pause and reflect….
Yes, I’ll be moving into a brand new condo in a perfect location. I’ll be able to furnish it with new things. And yes, this will be a fresh new start for me. For that, I am very grateful.

However, as I was “saying goodbye” to this house, it dawned on me. My birthday blessing is not 909 Kapiolani. It is this house. I was able to live here with my dad for the past 12 years. We moved here as “strangers” and not getting along very well. In the time spent here, we became the best of friends. This house has been a blessing from God, and I will miss it….

One thought on “A Birthday Blessing….

  1. Happy 29th birthday!! Even though you’ll be moving out of your Waikele home with all of its memories of your dad, you’ll always have it with you. I’ve moved a few times during my childhood and each house has special memories, like picking mangoes or climbing coconut trees. Congratulations on selling your Waikele home and purchasing your home in town! One of these days (maybe next year when you’re 30) when you’re all settled in, I’ll expect an invitation!

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