“Auntie K”

Growing up, I had the most wonderful aunt from Kaua’i. We called her Auntie K. Funny, but I always thought the “K” stood for Kaua’i. She would visit us on O’ahu and bring Kaua’i Cookies and a box of chicken from the Hanamaulu Cafe. I thought she was the best cook!

Auntie K worked as a greeter at the Lihue Airport. This meant that she was the first person you’d meet when visiting the island. She was the “Face of Kaua’i,” so full of love, warmth, kindness, and the aloha spirit. You couldn’t have picked a better person!

Auntie K and my dad used to have the most entertaining conversations. It usually went something like this….
Auntie: “Uuumm. You know, this is the best cake that I ever did eat in my life!”
Dad: “Sheeee. You so easily impressed. Every cake is the best cake you ever ate.”
Auntie: “Sooo. What’s wrong with dat?”
Dad: “Aahhhh……”
Their banter reminded me of chickens. 🙂

I will miss my Auntie K. She was the only person in the world who phoned me and prayed for me on a regular basis. She was the best.

I know that when Auntie went to heaven, dad was there to greet her. He probably said, “Oh. You must really miss me to come here so soon.” They probably laughed and embraced. Dad would do anything in the world for Auntie.

Now Auntie is a greeter in Heaven. And God couldn’t have picked a better person.

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